Costa Pereira is the winner of the 2017 Special Prize


Distinction will be delivered during the course of São Silvestre Figueira da Foz

Costa Pereira, president of ANDDI - National Association of Sports for Intellectual Disabilities, is succeeded by the Paralympic marathon runner Manuel Mendes in the Special Prize that every year, on the occasion of São Silvestre Figueira da Foz, distinguishes a personality that has distinguished himself in sport for people with disabilities.

Costa Pereira has been distracted in the defense and integration of people with disabilities through sports practice and understands the Parish Council of Buarcos and that for the merits demonstrated is worthy of the Special Prize distinction.

Costa Pereira

Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering - ISEP-UP
Sports Technician Adapted to Grade IV with a specialization in Athletics, by the FPDD - Federation of Sports for Persons with Disabilities
Track and Field Coach 2 FPA - Portuguese Athletics Federation
Athletics Coach of several High Competition athletes with Intellectual Deficiency and Cerebral Palsy - Paralympic, World and European Medalists and Recorders.
Coach of Athletics in Regular Sports, from 1975 to 1997, of High Competition athletes, National Champions and Recorders, representing the following Clubs: ANA - Friends of Athletics Center of Araújo, Leça do Balio, CIPA - Club of Initiation and Propaganda of Athletics and NAM - Athletics Center of Matosinhos.
National Team of Athletics of ANDDI-PORTUGAL
Participation as Athletics Coach in 5 Paralympic Games (1992-2008), in 2 of them as Technical Coordinator (Athens 2004 and Beijing 2008)
Former National Technical Director - Athletics FPDD
Technical Director of the International Federation INAS
Preletor in several Training Courses and National Colloquia, Seminars and International Courses held in:
? Continental Portugal and the Autonomous Regions;
? In Europe: Spain, France, Germany, Belgium, Holland, Sweden, Hungary and Poland;
? In Africa: South Africa, Tunisia and Burkina Faso;
? In America: Brazil, Puerto Rico and Mexico; ? In Asia: Japan, Macao and India.

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