on 11 Mar 2019 12:16 PM

Paulo Henriques, more commonly known as Paulinho, will try to beat the world record of half marathon for people with Down Syndrome, in the course of Heliflex ílhavo Half Marathon, scheduled for 7 April. The athlete of Ílhavo is back to run with a clear objective: to download the world record time fixed in 2:09:01 hours.

The long workouts that Paulinho has been doing lately are excellent indicators of their growing capacity for resistance. A very different situation of attempted two years ago, when the athlete of Ílhavo, a day of too much heat and with a preparation delayed for reasons of illness, could not beat the record that is his since 2015.

President of the Portuguese Republic may be present in Ílhavo since in mid-February Paulinho had honors of beeing in the Palace of Belém (official residence of the presidency) and the President Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa left in the air the possibility of, personally, to be in the arrival of Paulinho, at the finish line: "I will do all possible to go to. Paulinho deserves it" - said the President of the Portuguese Republic.

Currently with 38 years of age, Paulinho has the curiosity of having an urban park with his name in Praia da Barra, municipality of Ílhavo, an initiative that came from the local population that it recognizes human capacities and sports out-of-series, currently being the only person in the world with trisomy 21 or Down Syndrome able to run distances of 10 km and half marathon, something that medical science has difficulty explaining.