Social and environmental sustainability policy

The was created with the goal of providing high quality experiences, entertainment and personal achievement through sport, encouraging local tourism, disseminating and promoting best environmental and social practices, in particular in the implementation and promotion of wellness programs and management of security in their events.

The undertakes to implement a program of exploitation and management of space with maximum efficiency and reduction of water consumption, CO2 emissions and waste zero and continuous improvement of its sustainable performance, through direct action, in particular:

- Manage your space in compliance with all environmental laws and regulations, in order to protect the health and safety of its employees, surrounding community and environment.

- Promote the market leadership in the organizations of sporting events through the continuous improvement of environmental quality, minimizing waste and emissions, encouraging the reuse and recycling, reduction in the use of natural resources and the prevention of pollution.

- Regularly review their plans of action and establish goals for continuous improvement in the environmental area. €¢ integrate environmental concerns in the business plan, in particular the acquisition of goods and services, space management, services and customer support.

- Work in partnership with suppliers for the development of environmentally sustainable solutions, in particular in the purchase and use of certified products (cleaning products, recycled paper, print materials, etc.)

- Implement and manage programs to reduce energy and water consumption without compromising the quality of their services.

- Collaborate with customers and suppliers in developing solutions that meet its environmental commitments and management, offering events 'Carbon Zero'.

- Promote the concept of "Eco Event" and encourage participation in sustainable events.

- Promote adequate training in the workplace so that all employees know the environmental legislation in force, to comply with the policy of sustainability of and assume the personal commitment to protect the environment.

Promoting local employment and whenever possible, based on criteria of efficiency and sustainability, opt for products and services offered by local suppliers.

Publicly communicate their policies and practices of sustainability.

Implement a program of social responsibility with direct intervention in local communities, with special predominance to the issue of disabilities.